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on the move/pcs design consultation for Military Families

How it works...

We can begin the design process as soon as you know where you will be living, before your move if you would like or once you are already settled in.  Simply contact me with a little information about your move and I will send you a personalized questionnaire to help me get to know your personal design style, functional needs and goals for your design.  I will then help you create a design plan for your space using your existing pieces and if you would like to add additional pieces I will create a "shopping" list for you with online and local (to you)retailers.  You will be able to set your shopping budget and purchase the items on your own at your own pace.  I don't make any commission off items that I suggest for you to purchase and am only concerned with helping you create a perfect home for you and your family that is affordable and beautiful.  

How to get started...

Email me at with the following information:

- Your name

- Current home location

- New home location

- Timeline for your design (any important deadlines you would like to have the design plan completed for)  keep in mind that the design process is a back and forth collaboration through email and can take a few weeks.  Every design is different so I do not provide an exact timeline. 

- Room or rooms you would like help with 

- Have you already moved?  if not, when is your expected move?

I will then create your personalized questionnaire to help us get started with your design.  Here are a few things that you can expect me to ask you for...

- Photos of the new space (or floor plans if photos are unavailable) 

- Photos of the "old" space (if available)

- Idea Photos- any Pinterest boards, Houzz Ideabooks, magazine pages, etc. that you have been saving that you would like to share.

- How the space needs to function for you and your family.  

- Most importantly, I will want to get to know you so that we can create a design style that reflects you, your lifestyle, places you have lived, traveled, your favorite family photos, trinkets, etc.  This is YOUR design so it will be customized just for you.  


This is the beauty of the online consultation vs. an on site designer.  My design fees are actually affordable and realistic for a typical military family.  The fees listed below for standard size rooms and design packages.  If for any reason your particular project requires more intricate detail or complexity due to size, location, etc. we will discuss additional charges on a case by case basis before any additional work is done.  

ONLY: $100 per room (Military Family Rate)

Each 'On the Move' design package includes the following:

  • Layout suggestions with a basic floor plan (accuracy will depend on dimensions and details provided by the client)
  • Suggested updates to existing pieces
  • Suggested “shopping” list for additional items to complete the space
  • Tips for how to add personal touches that fit your family and lifestyle
  • Tips for how to make the room functional
  • Design Concept Board to help you visualize your overall plan/style

 Please email me for more details or questions about pricing.