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Welcome to MGF Interiors.  If you found your way here then chances are you could use a little help with a design project.  I can help you with everything from simple fluffs to full design renovations.  The best part is, you don't have to pay the high price of having a professional designer come to your home but you are still getting the same great tips and insight from an educated and experienced designer.  

What I can help you with:

-Residential, Retail, Small Office, Restaurants, Home Staging, Paint Selections, Design Inspiration and much more!  

- My experience ranges from tiny apartments to palatial homes and everything in between.  I also work with small commercial projects so if you are a small business owner like me and need a little help sprucing up your office or retail space I would love to offer my suggestions.  A simple face lift is a great way to generate new business.  

Why I am different from other designers:

- The biggest aspect  that sets me apart from other designers is my ability to work with just about any budget.  Anyone can create a great design with loads of money but it is a much bigger challenge to create an expensive look on a small budget.  I love to combine high end and thrifty finds to develop a truly unique design.  

- Personalization is another design aspect that I believe strongly in.  There are several sites out there that offer pre-packaged designs but they will never really be just right for you.  My design process allows me to get to know you personally so that I can establish a very custom design for you and your family.  I love to include your personal family heirlooms, trinkets from your travels and there is no better artwork than your family photos and kids creations.  

- With MGF, you are only paying for a great design and nothing extra.  Many interior designers have you buy furniture and accessories through them so that you 'get the designer discount' only to then mark them up when they sell them to you.  This is of course understandable since they have to cover their overhead but it is completely unnecessary with this website.  Because I will be working with budget friendly products to begin with there is no need for using companies that even offer designer discounts.  Also, I will not be buying the products for you so I will not have to mark anything up.  I can provide details of where to find every product that I recommend so you can do your own shopping and price checking.